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                  The status quo of China engineering machinery used equipment market
                  Release time:2015-7-16 17:47:44Author:Reading times:´Î

                   Nowadays, the global economy has entered a stage of wandering, the Chinese economy is facing a sustained recession caused by structural transition, structural imbalance, the government also faced difficulties in market investment. 2014 years difficult. However, in 2015 will be more difficult, the reason is nothing more than two: in the world, the United States is about to enter the cycle of interest rate, emerging economies are faced with the revaluation of the asset prices, turmoil unavoidable; in our country, the reform into the deep water area, the central bank reduced year by year broad money M2 growth trend is very obvious. Although there will be RRR, interest and other initiatives, but the overall economic growth will continue to slow down.

                  In other words, the next two years is the most critical year of China's economic adjustment, but also the most difficult year, each industry is facing reshuffle. In this economic environment, the construction machinery industry is facing the problem of excess production capacity, receivables imbalance and other issues, the traditional marketing model has lost its advantage. End customers in the market to strengthen the rational purchase, the user tends to younger, 80, 90 accounted for 70%, the end of the market profit becomes more difficult, companies face new challenges.

                  After 2011, from the point of view of the global construction machinery market in China industry to see, it is not difficult to see "the smooth circulation of second-hand equipment, is the new machine sales accelerated; the stagnation of the circulation of second-hand equipment, sales of new equipment choke". As China Construction machinery market to new machines and two mobile phone market in the first year of synchronous development, construction machinery industry in 2012 after the rapid development of the times, China has become a large-scale recycling market. In order to occupy a place in the market, improve the company's brand share, the construction machinery manufacturers began to enter a new era of fierce competition. And led to such as second-hand equipment, "old for new" work appears to charge a series of high price of the acquisition of a series of conditions of chaos. Followed by 2013, the government's new leadership to adjust the economic main body to curb overcapacity in the industry, iron and steel, coal industry frustrated, a direct impact on the purchase of large construction machinery. Through the replacement of sales of new machines, the way more and more prominent, the two mobile phone business is more important. With the loss and tension, China's many traditional enterprises in the severe market environment gradually awakening. There is no warning for reference, but the market has forced enterprises to think about the transformation and upgrading.

                  International second-hand construction machinery industry status

                  At present, the international construction machinery industry in developed countries, the construction machinery market is close to saturation. Globally speaking, Asia, Europe, North America, the three largest regional market size, accounting for 80% of the global construction machinery market share. Many famous international equipment manufacturing enterprises have already transferred the profit space to the market after the market, which accounted for a large proportion of second-hand equipment.

                  In the United States, after the market service industry is known as the gold industry". In Europe, after the market is also a major source of profits for the equipment manufacturing industry. More important is economically developed countries used equipment business development are very perfect, with old change new, lease, auction transactions are extremely common, governments of developed countries is also very supportive of used equipment business development. In Japan and Europe and the United States two mobile phone is the main source of recycling by the old, the mechanical manufacturers are through the old new to promote new car sales. New car sales in the European market and the old machine recycling ratio has reached 1:1,.

                  It is understood that in the United States, Japan and other two mobile phone business mature market, equipment for leasing equipment to achieve the total amount of 80% ~ 70%, and the current proportion in China is only 10% ~ 20%. China's market agents parts service, leasing, second-hand car sales together accounted for less than 10%, and the United States and Japan together accounted for 64% of the ratio, and booming rental industry is one of the hallmarks of construction machinery market is mature in China's leasing market still has very large development space.

                  In Japan, the world's largest manufacturing country in the world's second hand car, two mobile phone manufacturers have 37% to sell to manufacturers, dealers, and 60% are through the acquisition of two mobile phone traders. Japan's mobile traders and domestic concept is not the same, refers to the investment firm two mobile phone trading company, such as Hitachi trade, Komatsu trading company, they accounted for the body of the second mobile phone operators in the intermediate links, representing the ratio reached 97%, while the real final users to only 3%. These devices through the middle of the channel, and then to where, which is half of the export to the overseas, there are 41% in Japan's domestic circulation, and the remaining 6% are scrapped. The situation is relatively healthy, relatively good operating conditions.

                  Overview of the development of second-hand equipment industry in China

                  Since 2005, the domestic construction machinery industry has entered a stage of rapid development, in the past more than and 10 years, China's new machine market has maintained a rapid growth trend. Following the 2007 China engineering machinery sales beyond the United States, Japan and other countries and in 2009 the amount of sales both the largest in the world first, followed by 2010 in the first half of the year "blowout" type growth created the peak industry, nearly 40% growth. And at the same time, and this is the third time blowout growth and creating corresponding market blowout, according to the theory of modern equipment maintenance, equipment used for 5 to 8 years will be overhauled, 70% of users during this period have replaced the wishes of the new machine, and other reasons. Some experts predict that 2016-2018 will usher in the first two mobile phone replacement blowout.

                  It is understood that, 2009-2013, second-hand construction machinery trading volume rose from 60 billion to about 150000000000, the annual growth rate of more than 20%. At present, the domestic second-hand construction machinery retains the amount has exceeded 5 million units, in 2015 the annual sales of construction machinery will reach more than 1 million units.
                  It is understood that, 2009-2013, second-hand construction machinery trading volume rose from 60 billion to about 150000000000, the annual growth rate of more than 20%. At present, the domestic second-hand construction machinery retains the amount has exceeded 5 million units, in 2015 the annual sales of construction machinery will reach more than 1 million units. Expected in 2015 after China second-hand construction machinery and equipment trading volume will exceed 200 billion, the average annual growth rate will reach 30%. The next ten years, annual times the size of the transaction volume of second-hand equipment will be more than 300 million units, total market capacity will remain at around 500 million units, the new machine and mobile phone trading volume 1:1 mature equipment market signs in the national show!

                  However, despite the huge number of second-hand construction machinery market, is facing a confusing rules and backward business model of single, two mobile phones to company operation management mechanism, gray transactions become mainstream market, professional and technical personnel lack makes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises lack of technical support, the lack of awareness of and lead to six major challenges.

                  At present, China's second-hand construction machinery market is mainly dominated by secondhand dealers, filled with chaotic and disorderly, full of unfair competition and information asymmetry, resulting in financial firms to this huge market with mistrust, that they can not be effective financial penetration.

                  Second hand construction machinery Market: water has become pool channels are not smooth

                  China Construction machinery market growth of three times to create a significant growth of two mobile phone market prospects, driven by the future of the two mobile phone trading volume steadily upgrade. According to the existing market situation after the data forecast, 18 years of excavator two mobile phone trading volume will reach 170 thousand units, the loader reached 200 thousand units.

                  Second-hand engineering machinery sale methods are usually divided into three, the top by the dealer from a pathway for internal digestion; second is after the second mobile phone distribution market in Tianjin, Shenzhen and other treatment; the third is by virtue of the extremely easily, the Lee brothers ranking third party platform of auction. One of the key problems in the orderly expansion of the professional is the imperfect method of the sale of second-hand equipment. At present, the domestic trading volume of second-hand equipment has more than 80% private transactions.

                  However, with the development of the market, China Construction machinery market has entered a period of structural transformation: from production areas into circulation field, enterprise's core market will from the sale of products transferred to the service, recycling of used equipment, maintenance services, refurbished certification, management lease, rental service, marketing of spare parts, equipment business will be the vigorous development, the market industry chain will be perfected, the main force in the market from the individual conversion for the enterprise. The next 15 years will be the golden period of the development of the circulation industry of second-hand equipment.

                  In the current market situation, manufacturers, agents face a challenge, the new machine business matures so that manufacturers are very easy to get all the inventory financing, attracting the vast majority of funds, talent, etc.. The agent to carry out the two cell phone business model is not very clear, complex and so on, very difficult to get the parties to finance. Make two mobile phone business into an embarrassing situation, business difficulties, it is difficult to carry out effective circulation of each other.

                  Parties in the groping second-hand equipment financing new pattern in terms of financing, with second-hand equipment market size continues to expand, second-hand equipment re circulation in the process of financing contradictions have become increasingly prominent, manufacturers, banks and leasing companies began to pay attention to this field. In addition, a large number of second-hand equipment is firm litigation recovered or compulsory acquisition, and the original lessee the existence of legal disputes, how to define the legal ownership of equipment, how to determine the value of second-hand equipment is the focus of the leasing companies and financial institutions are concerned.

                  In the second mobile phone dealers leading two mobile phone market transactions, resulted in good faith without security, asymmetric information, transaction is not standardized, do not participate in the financial, opaque price etc. resulting in the second development of the mobile phone industry has come to a dead end. And establishment of market norms and transaction security mechanism, the imminent!

                  Second hand equipment market policy and system construction

                  Market norms and the establishment of the protection mechanism is imminent, then we should do?

                  Based on the current secondary equipment market in the product of the chaos of the problem, the relevant departments of the state in recent years issued a series of regulations to regulate its. The State Council called for the implementation of "the establishment of the circulation of second-hand equipment to regulate the market", "Guo Fa [2014] No., on" speed up the development of producer services are presented to promote the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure of guidance ", construction for the standardization of procedures, standardized management, efficient operation of the leased property and the circulation of second-hand equipment market, establish and perfect the lease publicity, query system and finance lease assets exit mechanism. Give full play to the role of industry associations to strengthen the construction of credit system and industry self-regulation. Establish a systematic industry risk prevention mechanism.

                  China hair 62, No. 2012, on the development of the service industry in 12th Five-Year planning is the development of the first service industry in China's development plan. In the "planning", the state explicitly assets appraisal, financial leasing, operating lease included in the production of the service industry in the business services industry, defined the development of asset assessment, such as the specific requirements of the service trade. Reflects the national attention and support of the asset appraisal industry, but also for the development of second-hand equipment appraisal and valuation, operating lease specified direction, is to identify and valuation services Economic and social development policy guidelines.

                  Up to now, the second-hand excavator circulation technical requirements ", the second-hand loader circulation technical requirements", "second-hand concrete pump car circulation technical requirements", "second-hand mobile crane circulation technical requirements" and other four domestic trade industry standards has formed the manuscript, submitted toĦĦĦĦ

                  In 2013, the Ministry of Commerce on the 1st announcement for standards, the base construction management norms, "regional large-scale renewable resource recycling use 51 domestic trade industry standards have been audit by the Ministry of Commerce, the second-hand forklift circulation technical requirements, second-hand asphalt stirring equipment distribution technology requirements, second-hand asphalt stirring equipment technical specifications rules to officially implemented on July 1, 2013.

                  So frequent introduction of industry standards, norms, the importance of the secondary market for construction machinery is evident. But based on the current secondary market exposure of all kinds of problems, only the attention is still not enough to make the market healthy and orderly development. For a good to the development of the market, only regulations or not, also should be relatively perfect quality accreditation bodies and professional practitioners, the writing on the paper standard entity, with action to regulate the development of the industry. Also as a third party assessment agencies for its authority, impartiality and credibility are also need further normative focus for; for market access standards for the assessment of the industry, evaluation certification accreditation is also key to the urgent need to improve.

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